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South RSA Improvements

Project Description

The project involved reconfiguring the intersection of 24th St and Old Tower Road to allow for relocation of the perimeter security fence and PCCP service road out of the Runway Safety Area. The major items associated with this project, demolition, relocation, and removal of existing facilities and infrastructure in conflict with the prosed design, construction of street improvements on 24th Street and Old Tower Road including curb and gutter, pavement, sidewalks, street lights, and traffic signals, re-grading of an existing retention basin on the south side of the north Mohene parking lot, removal of existing lights in the north Mohave parking lot, extension of 12” and 24” storm drain pipe with associated inlets and outlets, re-grading at the west end of the Runway Safety Area of Runway 7R/25L, construction of the proposed realigned Airfield Service Road, construction and installation of a new airfield perimeter/security fence, coordinate with the FAA for relocation of the existing localizer and the construction of a new Localizer outside of the RSA and construction of reinforced-concrete foundations for new Localizer NAVAIDS.

Owner: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Market: Aviation, Street Construction

Services: Asphalt Paving, Concrete, Grading, Milling